Friday, August 29, 2014

skinny girls and tities

I sure the only person in our family to have less breast at 12 years old than me  was my sister Fleta.
I was as flat as a pan cake when I was 12 years old  . to make matters worse was my mother's sister Hetty  Mae who would put daddy's Jersey milk cow to shame.
I had no breast and Hettie was a "d " cup at least. You see grandma gave me all of Hettie's cast off bras. I would wear them to school with 2 of mama's dish towels stuffed in them.
I would wear my coat to cover up my towel chest and then go around all day unable to read because I couldn't see over my fake titties.
I don't think any of my sisters had the problems growing up as I did. At least there was 3 of  them and I always was by my self except for 2 brothers.
I really  did envy    the 3 sister growing up together.
I know they had some happy times when they were young.
uncle Truman had boys and I had two brothers so during the 12 to 16 age I spent trying to find out where the boys were hiding from me. aunt Francis would give me lectures about I was a girl and shouldn't be hanging around the boys. The problem was if I couldn't  play with the boys I couldn't play with anyone.
If you read this and think I didn't have a happy childhood you would be right until I learned to read for pleasure and then the whole world opened up for me.
 Frances read for pleasure so when I found what fun reading was in her attic where she hid all her book I would spend all my time up stairs reading at her house. I don't think Aunt Francis liked me very well . She spent a lot of time criticizing   me. she tried to  get daddy to get after me and when that didn't work she would criticize me her self. She would try to get daddy to get on me and when he wouldn't she would give me a talking too. she would lay out a plan to mama about what she ought to say and do about me but that was a lost cause with mama as long I as I took care of the babies mama was happy with me.
I was thinking the other day about those years. There was mama, daddy, Richard , Clayton and me now I am the only one left. oh, well take from a skinny girl that got fat and grew titties except for Fleta Mae who I don't think ever grew titties.
Aunt  FRANCES HAD THE BOOK FOREVER AMBER which I wanted to read but couldn't  find a copy any where, I found where she hid the book and I would read a chapter or 2 before she came up to see what I was reading. I could only read for a chapter or so and then I would have to put it back before she came up to see what I was reading. Anyway I  read for ever amber in aunt Frances's attic. only me and Frances knew where the good books were hid in her attic..I have wished I had told her that I read for ever amber in her attic
She read the modern romance magazine and I would read them while I was waiting for a chance to read another chapter in Forever Amber.I really had a had time getting reading material I read all of Mrs. Stones books and aunt Frances, Grandma POWELL'S BOOKS AND ANYONE ELSE I knew that read. I have walked 10 miles to get a book to read.


Sister--Three said...

Helen, Fleta and I were lucky we had our own gang. Clayton was left out and had to plan girly games!

Winnie Sneed said...

I remember how you and I would stay pall night taking turns reading a novel out loud to each other...we usually at some chunks of ice sometimes

Donna said...

I love this entry. I didn't start menstruating until I was 16, but I had some nice breasts by the time I was 14. Not that it did me any good, I was afraid of boys.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I save up time to come here and read your posts about 'long-ago' time [as we call it].

I'm thinking how precious books were, my mother tells me too, and look at today, so taken for granted.