Saturday, May 29, 2010

In the news

Gary Colman, child star died yesterday, he played Arnold as a child and I remember he was suffering from kidney failure as a child if I remember correctly he had two kidney transplant . he was 42 years old and had lived longer than he was expected to live when he was a child.
Obama paid a visit to the Louisiana coast yesterday, I saw on TV a lot of people complaining that he needs to do some thing, What can he do except wring his hands and say this is a disaster? DRILL BABY DRILL!
I did read BP brought in 400 hundred workers to work on the clean up while he was there paying them 12 dollars a hour and then laying them off as soon as Obama cleared the air space. Should anyone be surprised that a OIL company would do such a deed ?
Bill Clinton was in Arkansas yesterday to help Lincoln get the votes and Mrs. Lincoln trouble with the labor union was put under the magnify glass along with Clinton and the NAFTA law which has been a death blow to the American workers.

Bill Clinton and Blanche Lincoln took us in the wrong direction when they supported NAFTA. They sent thousands of Arkansas jobs to Mexico and Canada, and yet they're still bragging about their support of the job-killing deal. When it comes to protecting and creating jobs in Arkansas, they just don't get it .
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Betty said...

You are so right about NAFTA! And, I guess Bill Clinton has forgotten that it was labor unions who put him in office. What a hypocrite! And, Blanche complains about out of state ads for Halter, while at the same time, an out of state ad runs every couple of hours in favor of Blanche. It makes me sick.

Margie's Musings said...

Politics! Bah Humbug!