Tuesday, June 22, 2010


When I first started my blog ,2/28/06 my first visitors were velvet sacks down in what has become the oil soaked state and Carmon who lives on the side of a mountain in the state of New Mexico. Carmon love horses, rescues grey hounds,wild sheep and all living things. I learned yesterday that Carmen has left her beloved mountain for a while and she had been growing a brain tumor if I read right she also had bleeding from the tumor into her brain as the new day dawns I am thinking about a red hairs lady flying across the mountains in New Mexico and hope she is doing well.


Sister--Three said...

A lot has changed since 2006...just like 4 years of our lives recorded.

Velvet Sacks said...

So many people I've met through blogging (including you and your youngest sister) have faced and conquered serious illnesses in the past four years. Makes me feel like a real ninny for complaining about my age-related aches and pains. Like you, I'm thinking about Carmon today and wishing her a fast and full recovery.