Tuesday, June 22, 2010

fly bate trap

I have a fly problem due to my chickens and I have read on the net about killing them with fly bate. I have 2 jugs on the chicken pen one with sweet peaches and one with raw meat. I put some fly crumbles in each jug as well. I also have one jug of peaches and fly crumbs hanging on the porch.
I first hung the hamburger and fly crumbs jar on the porch until I realized the point of the raw meat was for it to rot and the smell would draw the flies. I realized the smell would be in the house so I move that raw meat one out on the chicken pen and hung a peach one on the porch.

The people who posted about this didn't use fly crumbs just the container and water saying the flies would not be able to get out and would die. I didn't leave any thing to chance and added the fly bate.

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Sister--Three said...

Don't try the bags of water. I tried it and it did not work.