Monday, July 26, 2010

A book

Louise is married to a preacher named Hap , he beats her, throws her out of the house naked and abuses her 2 children with threats .Hap tells Louise all this is her fault because she isn't a good wife and would you believe this she thinks he is right . She spend her days trying to avoid his hate filled speech and his fist and feet and trying to be a good wife! This is a religious book and I usual don't read this type books they have at the library with little blue crosses on them but I am reading this one.
This woman drinks to cover her pain and has knowledge of a killer in the communities mists without turning him over to the law. I am half finished and so far I can recommend this book to you.
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sunnycalgirl said...

I'll have to see it we have in on our shelves.. (: