Monday, July 26, 2010

todays head lines!

German business confidence is soaring while U.S. consumer sentiment sinks.
Britain's second-quarter economic growth was almost twice as fast as expected, the strongest in four years.
China economy is growing in leaps and bounds.

The head lines in this day and time seems to be riped from the pages of the Bible prophecy; Bible scholars has long believed that the beast in the Bible with the 10 horns was the coming United Europe or the EE as it is known today. Many my self included have been thinking that since the EE has more that the 10 nations were we wrong? then I happen to read the other day that some of the nations were thinking about withdrawing from the EE. We live in a time when change can happen in the blink of the eye;remember the downing of the Berlin wall? I am thinking 16 today maybe 10 tomorrow.

Everyone in my life time that studied Bible prophecy thought the king from the east was China and now she is fast becoming a world power!

I have always wondered why I couldn't find any nation in the Bible that fit the United States of America in end times prophecy but if we keep on the way we seem to be going we are not going to be a world power much longer.

I read in the Bible where 1/3 of the oceans will be ruined; I had thought maybe some thing was coming down from the sky and would destroy the ocean but after the oil spill and all the trash that is in our oceans I think the ruin of the ocean is well under way.

I believe you can read today's headlines in the Bible.

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Sister--Three said...

Very interesting. The oceans could easily be ruined with oil and pollution.