Friday, July 23, 2010

Daniel Schorr is dead

Daniel Schorr is dead the news men that believed that it is their job to report the truth at any cost are going to the grave and no one is stepping up to bat to take their place. Dan was a giant among reports and we have lost a good reporter.
"Nobody else in broadcast journalism – or perhaps any field – had as much experience and wisdom," Simon said yesterday. "He was playful, funny and kind. In a business that's known for burning out people, Dan Schorr shined for nearly a century." Born in the Bronx to Jewish immigrant parents, Schorr broke into the news business at the age of 12. He saw an injured woman on the sidewalk near his home in the Bronx and after summoning help phoned in a tip to the Bronx Home News. He later recalled that he was paid $5. He joined CBS as one of the last new members of the legendary Edward R. Murrow's news team. He opened CBS's Moscow bureau in 1955, but was not allowed to return to Russia after he scored an exclusive interview with Soviet Prime Minister Nikita Khruschev and complained about Soviet censorship. He subsequently clashed with American Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy and Nixon as well, and was accused of self-serving behavior by CBS in the leak of the CIA/FBI report. None of this led him to soften his approach or his views. After the Supreme Court ruled against continuing the Florida Presidential count schorr referred to the judges as the Gang Of 5.
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