Saturday, July 24, 2010

Obama's war

Stop the war. I am including a link in the title so you can see the war dead spread across our country. take a look ; the news media has just stopped reporting on the war a great deal and it has fell by the Way side but we need to be remember that families are loosing love one in Iraq and Afghanistan every day this war is allowed to continue, We need to raise our voices in a shout that can be heard in Washington.

Don't be afraid of being called unpatriotic because it is not patriotic to sat and let this country destroy the lives of our young men and women and the many lives of the people in those war torn countries. Shout it out. STOP THE WAR NOW!

KABUL, Afghanistan — Four American service members were killed Saturday in a bombing in southern Afghanistan, where international forces are stepping up the fight against the Taliban, officials said.
A NATO announcement did not give the nationalities of the victims of Saturday's blast, nor specify where in the south they died.
However, U.S. officials confirmed they were Americans. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity under rules regarding casualty identification.
The latest deaths bring to 69 the number of international service members killed in Afghanistan this month, including 52 Americans

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