Saturday, July 24, 2010

egg bound chicken and seed sowing

I went to feed this morning with cucumber seeds and turnip seeds to plant. I will have some fall turnips maybe not many but I am the only one here that will eat them so it wont take many. Fleta needs to go to Bontoms hardware and buy a pound of seed, have George plow up a spot about 14 times 14 or so and sow it in turnip seed now this need to be done in the next week so get busy ,George. George could sell them at the farmers market after all his relatives and neighbor get finished grazing on them.
I lost a red hen this last week she just died. The sex-links are prone to get egg bound and I had noticed one hen had spent 2 or 3 hours on the nest some days so I think she was egg bound. If you are wondering what is egg bound? The hens track for laying eggs get ruptured by a especially large egg and then the eggs get rerouted into the poor things body cavity sort of like my abscess , huh? I have read where some chicken owners do all sorts of processes to stop the hen from dying but I prefer to let the hen die and get out of her misery sort of like me and my miseries.

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Sister--Three said...

I am planting purple top turnips and two types of mustard this weekend as it is supposed to rain Mon. My peas are coming up. I had them in the freezer and Larry said they release moisture from being frozen and come up better.