Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I read this survivalist form and enjoy read the post most of the people on that site expect the government to fail soon,2012 is their d. day anyway they are all talking about how to live under the condition they believe are coming, they are get gun, growing gardens trying to learn how to live of the land. Their favorite word is WTSHTF, which stand for, when the stuff hits the fan , or the s can stand for bowel movement if you like.
So here I was reading a post where the guy says... I just harvest 75 ears of heirloom corn, he said it was Peaches and cream corn now anyone that has had a garden knows that peaches and cream is a hybrid corn that has been developed in the last few years and is not I repeat a heirloom corn. Hickory cane is the heirloom corn of choice for making bread or perhaps that Indian corn that you see every Halloween.
The comment that really put me rotf (Rolling on the floor) some one ask what is the seed of the corn plant and what would you save for seed to plant wtshtf?
I am thing oh my god if the shtf this guy should take his big gun and blow his head off cause he doesn't have a clue. take your entrainment where you can find it!

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