Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More baby food needed

Now we know what all the laid off people have been doing.

Nestlé Nutrition is pleased to announce the most significant expansion and re-design of its GERBER facility in Fort Smith, since its installation in 1964. The expansion will generate an anticipated 50 local full-time jobs, plus potential incremental demand for local contractors during the construction period. “Creating shared value is an important principle at Nestlé, and we are proud to continue to support and encourage growth within the Fort Smith community,” said Kurt Schmidt, CEO of Nestlé Nutrition North America. Earlier this year, Nestlé completed another expansion project at the Gerber Life facility in Fremont, Michigan, adding a call center that will lead to an additional 180 jobs over the next five .
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The 4th Sister said...

When kris was a baby I made her baby food each week from fresh veggies and fruits and froze it...When Kenzie was a baby I made her baby food from organic fruits and vegetables...I must of had way too much time on my hands...