Thursday, July 22, 2010

flowers and fowl

Zinnias are doing well, this flower likes hot weather.

I planted a packet of seed that were suppose to be all Violet but one is white and the rest are like this. these are in a black tub so they have to be watered every day.

This called this bind weed and the pasture is just covered with these. they look like they might be related to the morning glory.

they touch-me-nots. I like these but they are in a tote and require a lot of water also.
my new pets have survived the night and are eating. I posted a photo of them on the poultry site I belong to and someone told me I had 3 pearl, 2 lavender and 2 pied guineas she said the pied would be like a pearl Guinea with white on the belly. They are in the laundry room at this time but as soon as I think it is warm enough they are going out side.


Sister--Three said...

Glad your Guineas made it.

sunnycalgirl said...

Patsy, this desert rat doesn't know what you mean when you say "they are in a tote" tell me so I can learn something new today..Thank you!

sunnycalgirl said...

ps Nice header picture!