Thursday, July 22, 2010

all you don't want to know about guineas

pied adult guinea.

lavender adult guinea

Pearl adult guinea

pearl keets

lavender keets

pied keets, the dictionary says pied means splotchy .
the 3 colors of guineas I have and as they will look when grown.


The 4th Sister said...

I hope they stay around longer this time...

Donna said...

I like guineas, even the noise they make, as long as they are MY guineas. Somebody else's guineas drive me nuts. Human nature, I guess. Or just my own grumpy nature. These will stick around, since you raised them there. I found guineas to be mean to my chickens, back when I tried to keep them together. Of course I don't have any poultry now; got tired of feeding possums and neighbor dogs.

Anonymous said...

That kid with the accordian is amazing, the little chicks are so cute, your flowers are beautiful. I always heard guineas make good watch dogs? Have a good weekend.

Sister--Three said...

The gray one is so pretty.