Tuesday, July 13, 2010

raining, raining

it rained last night and we are going to get another drenching this morning.
I looked back to July last year to see if we had as much rain as we have had this year and only saw one post where I mentioned it was going to rain and I was rejoicing so we were not getting a lot of rain last year.
Betty said that Fleta was a master Gardener I disagree remember last year when they dumped 2 loads of turkey stuff on the garden and burnt their garden up well it has been a year and that turkey manure has mellowed that is why they are growing so much also the hugh rains we have had this month has helped their growing efforts.
My garden efforts have failed because I have had so much rain and every thing has drown . We had several rains in June when Fleta was left high and dry. I think if it would stop raining so much I still might have a tomato crop but it had better stop soon or we will have to build a boat like Noah.
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