Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Who wins the state or federal

I am sounding forth about Arizona and the federal government dispute about illegal aliens, we had never had many aliens in our small town until the last few years when they began to show up here seeking work in the poultry plant where I worked most of my adult life.
The fact they were illegal aliens was a open secret among the workers at my work place mainly because when a worker was fired he or she would show up soon with a new name working along side the citizens.
Some even told us they were illegal.
At first I had sympathy for the young workers most of which were Mexican , they worked hard and seemed to be willing to do what ever was necessary to make a living then my attitude began to sour because the management began to try to push we, the U. S citizen out the door and replace that worker with a alien.
The cost was a factor but I think the main reason was the supervisors wish to kick the line works in the teeth and the alien had no recourse except to take what ever these BOSSES handed out being illegal and desperate for a job.
I have studied this problem up close during my last few years in the work place and it is my opinion that the way to fix the problem is to find a way to make them US citizens and then they can stand up and receive humane treatment in the work force like everyone else.
As for Arizona and their law, I have visited my sister in that state and I can say the state is over run with illegal aliens, they stand on the streets and wait to be hired as day workers at what ever job they can get at what ever wage the employer is willing to pay.
Obama said this week that the government was going to work places and looking to see if the company had illegal on their pay roll and having the company fire the illegals. This will not work. The company will hire the illegal back after the government people leaves the office and start them out at lower pay so you see this is just another way big corporations can abuse the wager earners. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
So I think Obama needs to wise up and realize that big business is just finding another way to put money in their pocket. The truth be told I am not happy with a president who spends money and time suing a state and waging war . He promised us CHANGE I am waiting but so far it has been the same old song.
Rome fell because the poor became so many and the rich become so rich and greed took the place of hope now it seems our country is going down the same road if you take hope away from the citizens and they decide they have nothing to lose when the Numbers of the poor grow large enough the poor over run the rich and then no one has anything many not even their lives.
(06-28) 17:53 PDT SAN FRANCISCO — The Supreme Court has agreed to referee the first round of a tug-of-war between state and federal governments over immigration - a 2007 Arizona law penalizing employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers.
The case that the justices will hear in the term that starts in October offers a preview of the legal clash over Arizona's newly enacted criminal penalties for migrants illegally present in the state. The Obama administration asked the court to review the Arizona employment law and has indicated it will sue to block enforcement of the state's broader immigration law, scheduled to take effect July,29th.
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The 4th Sister said...

I think you should send sam down to fleta's and get her overage of tomatoes and corn....she is going to take them to the farmers market...I am sure she would rather give it to you...and I am serious about that..send his butt down there

Sister--Three said...

If the illegals took a job for the same pay, it would not be such a problem. but they drive the pay scale down to the graveyard.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Patsy. We have a lot of illegals in Kentucky because of the agriculture and tobacco and they will work cheap. We also have a Mexican Restaurant on every corner and they hire the illegals, too. We have one town that people now call Little Mexico because there are so many living there.
We got your rain yesterday but we needed it bad.
Oh, I have cucumbers out the wazoo, too! lol.

The 4th Sister said...

I have been up since 5 checking...that is 7 your time...now it is 9:30 there and still no post...You must be out checking on chickens today...I went outside and moved Missy's grill back where it belongs. Bill moved it on the 4th when he grilled...I got all of her trash where it belongs and I am redy to take it out later today...I think her bulk trash goes out Sunday and there are 2 few things that need to be taken out for that. I may take them to the garage today to get them ready...I cleaned and dusted last night at 9 so there is not much to do here. Guess we will go swim soon...

sunnycalgirl said...

I believe in Honesty is the best policy..People seem to think that certain things are not seen or noticed. I believe the "illegals" are hard working individuals but all of us are supposed to adhere to the law of the lands..Hmm! I agree it's a problem..