Friday, July 23, 2010

working in the yard

cooler out side than it has been when I went to feed the chickens. I used the weed eater to cut some grass that Sammy doesn't get with the lawn mower. The flies are really swarming around so I got some more fly bate and resupplied my containers hanging on the chicken pen. something must have died around here close.
I cut the grass around the tires I grew onions in and I am going to plant a few turnips seed in them. I read a few years ago that turnips should be planted here on July 25 and that is my fathers birth date so I always remember that is turnip day.
The Democrat government is in trouble again seems this fox news guy took a tape of this negro woman who worked in the USDA in the south edited it to sound like she said something she didn't of a racist nature and the man in charge called her that night and demanded she resign so now they have mud on their faces for being pigs and not taking time to look into the matter just BAM! YOU ARE DEAD.They told her she could have her job back she said no! maybe Obama has offered her the job of the fellow who fired her .

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