Thursday, July 22, 2010

Billy Boy

Fleta wants to know when is Billy coming? Helen told me but I forgot. I guess it will be like when he gets here he is here. I am a lot more anxious for him to come cause sister is sending me all sorts of things. I hope he doesn't get fired or quite before he makes the trip.
I sort of pulled a dirty trick on him a few weeks ago, I hope he doesn't find out what I did and throw my fur coat and new dresses out beside the road.
Where have you been Billy boy, Billy boy?
Where have you been charmin Billy?
When will you be here Billy boy, Billy boy?


Sister--Three said...

I am glad he is bringing you a truck load of stuff!

Bill said...

This is Billy Boy. I will be there the end of August. And what trick did you play on me????