Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Helen's Visit

She blew in like a summer rain, bringing new laughter and a cool breeze but she was gone just as quickly and we are left with only the memories. We all enjoyed Sister's quick trip and we are glad she brought Missy and the fabulous Benjamin.
I lost a guinea keet last night. it was laying in the pen dead when I went to feed seemed like it had died during the night under the mother's wing this happens some times with the young hatching's. I believe they are malformed in the shell and just die for no apparent reason. The other keets were bright eyed and doing fine this morning.
While sister was here we had a discussion about the new immigration law in Arizona we had varied opinions with Fleta asking Missy "if I was to go to Arizona with my red hair and blue eyes would they deport me?" Missy's answer being " we can only pray."

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Sister--Three said...

that missy is a smart gal.