Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Holy telado

This was in my comments today.
6:00 AM, This maybe a joke or a leg pull but if it isn't I have got the attention of the white House! so just in case it isn't a big joke I will say to the white house ..... STOP THE WAR!
White House said...
Hi,We are running a non-profit site; only for the sake of information sharing.We visit your site regularly. Recently we came across the "Blogroll" section in your site. Since our site is also based on regular news updates, we believe it would surely help us to be more effective if we get your site’s link. We have placed your link in our site and we request you to place us in the "Blogroll" section.URL: American White House Email ID: whitehouseinfo.blogspot@gmail.comWe would be pleased with your positive response. Looking forward for your reply...Thank You!!AdminJerry Thomas
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Donna said...

Wow, I'm impressed!

Sister--Three said...

I get asked all the time to link to dog sites. They are usually trying to USE us. Dog eat dog world is what we live in. Not much genuine today.