Wednesday, August 25, 2010

wednesday morning

Guineas are noted for eating bugs and ticks and that is a big plus to owning guineas. I have been noticing that we have had very few grasshoppers this year, how about where you live have you noticed a small number of grasshoppers this season? I did have my share of squash bugs tho'.
Helen will be here Saturday and I am getting excited about seeing her. I will also get to meet Benjamen, this will be the first time I have had that privilege. I am going to try to think of some really big tall stories to tell him.
It is 5:30 and the temperature is 68 degrees. The heat has broken and I suppose cold weather is just a skip and hop away.
Have you seen the stories on the net about the alligators showing up in the Chicago river and some where under someones car? I have always had a fear of snakes and I have dreamed about those Hugh squeezing snakes but not alligators.


Sister--Three said...

Hope your hen is on her eggs. It is cooler here today but yesterday when I got home from school at 4:15 it was 97. Sure hope it is cooler today.

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