Wednesday, August 18, 2010

our town, pop. 7,449

When I was a girl 1940 to 1950 our town had a cow in most back lots, a house usually set on 2 acres or close to that. everyone had chickens, most people who lived in town were retired farmers and many were widows. now people who have chickens are breaking the law. no chickens are allowed in a town that has one of the largest chicken processing plant in the state. no cows a few horses are with in the city limits. If you own a dog you better have her on a leash or she will be found at the pound. cats can be impounded if they can catch her.
In 1950 you could sell live poultry at Villains produce along with eggs, cream and about anything that squealed or walked on 4 legs.Our town has not improved in my opinion in the last 60 years or there about.Posted by Picasa
You can not buy fresh unpasteurized milk any where now but in years passed that was available at most homes.
You can buy a beer in town now, I think they have 2 bars, maybe more and I pretty sure you can buy hard liquor.
In the 50's it was white lighten if you could find the hollow stump where it was sold. We have a lot of churches, even a cowboy church at the local sale ring. I really can't understand that unless some like to stand in cow shite while they pray come to think of it maybe you could do that at some of the churches on main street too.
We have lot of cars in town, my neighbor works for the repro man. Big business around here. No garage only one gas station and I heard it is owned by a guy from Pakistan. There was another it was owned by a Mexican but he got busted for selling drugs. We have several Mexican food stores and Hispanic churches.


Sister--Three said...

Sister, I enjoyed reading the story of Donna's mother. So glad you shared the link.

I remember growing up and walking to town to the library and riding home with Daddy. What a joy, as he worked right by the library and he was glad to have a rider going home with him. Sometimes, Mom would send me to the store and then down to catch a ride with him if she needed something.

I recall if I wanted to attend something at night I would stay with Grandma Powell and walk to her house. Once a car full of boys yelled stuff at me and I ran to Grandma's so scared. This is the first time I have told anyone. Could not tell then or Daddy would not have let me go. I told him that I would get someone to take me to Grandma's, but I was always very independent and did not want to let anyone know I did not have a way there.

Things have even changed up town. Remember that old man that had a store there. Momma sent me there to get something. He came up behind me and rubbed himself against me in a nasty way. Then I was scared to go to the store for her. Never told a soul until I am telling you. His last name might have be Fill in the letter. I can't remember his name but he was a nasty old man almost as old as our father!

These are secrets from my life that now you know!@

Betty said...

The Harrison city council is pondering the idea of allowing chickens inside the city limits. Our new motto will be "Chickens in every yard," I guess.