Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Donna the farmer's wife

There is a blog that I read quite often and I have been following her blog since I first discovered blogs. She lives in Missouri up near KC. I pieced together once where she lived just for the fun of knowing, the way I did this was reading all her post for clues and I was reasonable sure I knew pretty well where she was located within a 10 mile radius, but I have forgot what it was I learnt except it was near KC.

I am awake early so I went by Donna's to see what she was talking about. The subject is Okra, fried and in soup along with her biscuit receipt. Her secret biscuit receipt was self rising flour and butter milk. I know if you pour butter milk into a bowl of self rising flour you can't make a mistake. Grandma used sour milk, Donna, because in her day refrigeration was not and milk would sour between milking of the cow in august and since my grandma believed waste not want not sour milk was included in most of her bake goods.

Now back to Donna, You can visit her by clicking on my title and reading for your self. she is a farmer's wife but her husband holds down a full time job in town some where so she is a farmer's wife I guess by default. she also is a motor cycle rider and comes this way often, I think riding behind her non- farmer. Daddy was that kind of farmer for years, going to town to earn a living so that he could live on the farm away from the madden crowd.

When reading these blogs I some times wonder around on the links that they have in their side bar. It is to be laid to Donna's door that a few years ago I made the most terrible bread you ever would see. She had a farmers forum blog listed and once while visiting there I found a receipt for hobo bread. It had raisins and several good things in it so I went to town buying every thing called for and made their hobo bread. I want to tell you it was awful. The chickens wouldn't eat it.

Donna' makes egg noodles like mine and mine are like grandma always made except grandma always let her dry for several hours before dropping them into the rich chicken soup and I can't seem to plan that far in advance so mine don't hang out to dry.

Donna has a new dog, this is the third dog they have owned since I first started reading her blog. The first dog was hit by a car if I remember right then she got one from the pound, I don't remember what happen to her now she has another. good luck dog in your new home 'cause others have been there before you and have a habit of going bye, bye!

go by and visit Donna on her blog, you wont be sorry. click the title.


Donna said...

Well, thanks for the promotion, Patsy! Your blog is one of the few that I visit every single day. I like the fact that you aren't scared to voice your opinions.
If and when something happens to this dog, I will likely not get another one. Cliff is hoping to retire next year, and after putting expenses down on paper, I now realize how much it costs to keep a dog.
Oh, and Cliff is only a pretend-farmer. There was a time we made a little money raising calves, but these days it's 100% hobby.

The 4th Sister said...

I make really good noodles snce old sis showed me have to have fat in the broth...butter will not work nor anything need chicken fat,,,,I never let my noodles dry because I am in too big a hurry to eat them....sometinmes I dip me out one or two before I even get them all in the pan...I put them in by handfulls and let each cook awhile...