Tuesday, August 17, 2010

seeds and kittens

This is the cat who who lost one of her paws when she was a kitten . She has raised kittens at least one last summer.

The touch-me -not are making seed pods. if you look close you can see the pod. when they mature and you touch them they will pop hence the name touch-me-nots


Anonymous said...

She is a pretty cat. I did not know that about touch-me-nots. I learn a lot over here! It was 63 degrees here this morning. A very welcome change from the 110 degree heat indexes we have been having. Fall is in the air! I have all my windows open airing out the house. I love the fresh air.

Balisha said...

I didn't know about touch-me-knots either.Are they actually called that? I would like to buy some seeds. We are experiencing some cooler weather too....but more heat is on the way. I'm going out to work in the yard this morning.

The 4th Sister said...

I am at the hosptal getting my scan and they have a computer