Tuesday, August 24, 2010

sights that I have seen

It has been my pleasure and privilege to see the state of Arizona from the passenger seat of a car due to my sister Helen. The things I look back on as things I have seen are mostly due to Helen.

Twice I saw the grand canyon, the painted desert and the petrified forest these are things that everyone should see at least once and I saw them twice plus I was able to fly over this land round trip twice and I had a birds eye view of this land from Arkansas to Arizona.

words can not express the panorama view you can see if you have a sister living in the state of Arizona. The only thing I didn't get to see was the road side stands on the Indian reservation. I had a desire to see their jewelry but Helen said NO and when Helen says no there is no point in auguring with her.


Sister--Three said...

The sights are beautiful and I know you will always remember what you saw! Too bad about the Indian stands! Sister was afraid of the tomahawks, I guess.

Donna said...

I've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, but now that Cliff is making plans to retire, I don't see it happening. Oh well, I like it here at home.