Tuesday, September 21, 2010

3 women gone

These three women disappeared from the home of Sherill Levitt and never been heard from again. It is interesting that Mrs. Levitt was a hair dresser and Gerald Carnahan was one of her customers.
On June 7, 1992, the Springfield, Missouri Police Department was notified of the disappearance of three women from a residence in central Springfield.
The parents of Stacy McCall, one of the missing women, contacted the police department in reference to their daughter's disappearance from the home of Sherrill Levitt and Suzanne Streeter, the other two missing women. Upon officers' arrival, the house bore no signs of a struggle, but rather the appearance of the missing women being abducted. All personal property was left behind including purses, money, clothing, cars, keys, cigarettes, and the family dog.
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Sister--Three said...

They need to do this story for that tv program. It would make a good one. I cna't remember the name of the program but I like it. It tells true stories, usually unsolved murders.

Pooh, to the NO chcikens now. I wanted them in time to lay in the summer.