Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jackie Johns

My chickens are doing a lot of bathing dust bathing that is.
I have been read the transcript of the Jackie johns murder trial. they have DNA linking Gerald Carnahan to Jackie Johns and I under stand it is a small amount and I wondered how his lawyer would deal with that DNA evidence. They are not denying that it is his DNA or that it is such a small amount. They are trying to say that the evidence wasn't handled right and some how it was "planted", right 25 years ago some one took Carnahan's DNA and planted in the evidence box and waited 25 years until they developed a test that would test this small amount of DNA then someone had this tested and now they are framing Carnahan .
If you believe that I have a bridge I would like to sell you.
I wondered why he didn't say that the DNA was in her from a earlier date but I guess Carnahan had said he didn't ever have anything to do with her so now he can't say it happened but it was before that night.
The trial is suppose to wind up Tuesday or Wednesday and I suppose the verdict will not be far behind. It is about time .

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Sister--Three said...

You know the killing of Nona down here. Well, they have the dna of a neighbor on a condon left behind and the RSVL police still say the poor Jones boy is the killer! What a story this one is. The neighbor had been in prison for trying to kill a girl at the jogging trail too. The neighbor's trial ended hung first time. There is a special prosecuter. The local one did not want to prosecute. As they still think Jones is the killer. Sad story indeed. No justice for Nona as everyone decided the first night the boyfriend was guilty.