Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Fabulous Benjamine

Helen called she went to pick Benjamin at school , he is in kindergarten, seems they are having a read a throne it like a race where sponsors promise to pay a certain amount of money for every book a child reads. This is to raise money for some worthy cause any way Benjamin had understood that he had to read a a lot of books. He was upset he told Helen I have to read like a million books!
I will so tired I wont be able to go to school. I wont be able to do any thing for the rest of my life except read.
Benjamin really liked Arkansas and wants to come back, his grandma thought he was going to be a problem cause there wasn't any places for them to take the boy to play, like a park or a kiddyplace that had all the toys that they were always having to take him too so he could play.
He found lots of things to play with at aunt Fletas . There was some thing about a shovel that he really liked and it had disappeared. Benjamin said he was sure George hid that shovel! I am not sure what this was all about but I guess Benjamin liked digging holes with uncle's shovel and then it couldn't be found high or low.


Sister--Three said...

The best toys are the real thing.

thesouthernlady64 said...

I just think Benjamin is one of the best looking boys I have seen in a long time! My grandson would like to get his hands on a shovel, too. Your keets are so cute. I have doves in my yard and I enjoy listening to them also. I used to let my children all read for a half hour before bedtime each night. Today, they are all avid readers. I am so glad they like to read.

The 4th Sister said...

he does look a lot like bill