Saturday, September 04, 2010

foul fowl odor?

Betty in Harrison wanted to know if chickens smell? yes they have nostrils and they can smell as to what they smell I don't know. Oh, I suppose she wanted to know if they had foul or fowl odor or do they stink?
She should drive by one of the Tyson chicken houses on a warm day when the owner has lost larger number of chickens in death. of course that is saying dead chickens stink. does a live chicken stink? you can smell them and my brother who raised chickens told me it was the smell of money.
The answer is of course they stink, does a beer joint stink? I think a beer joint smells worse than a flock of happy hens but I suppose someone who likes a little alcohol refreshment would say beer smells like a breath of fresh air.
I know that in the towns and cities across this country the question of what you can and can not have in your back yard is coming up often. I don't know if this is because people are wanting to find a way to grow their own food or if it is just our independent nature showing. When there are a large number of people living in close quarters they began to make laws about what people can and can not do.
Our town has a law that people can not have chickens, they must have any canine on a leash, cats can not run lose of course the cats can do about anything they want because the animal controller can't catch them when they can climb a 100 foot tree. I heard the other day that the chicken law wasn't being enforced as long as your neighbor didn't complain. Lots of luck with that.
You have to cut your grass every 2 weeks or the city will do it and charge you 50 dollars of course now we have a drought so you have no grass growing.


Sister--Three said...

My chickens smell good and look good. I love them. I counted my flock yesterday when I took off work to rest. I have 12 Banties and one rooster, only 4 big red hens, and 2 Rhode Island Red Banties. It is enough for me. Next time I want the easter egg ones like you got.

Patsy, I have picked up pecans today and made a big apple pie wtih apples off my two trees. Next year we will spray and enjoy them more. I think they are Fuji apples. I have 3 walnuts and I am going to pick those up and put them in the drive like we used to do.

I am getting okra and have only a few turnips up. Alittle mustard too. Not much of it came up. It was too dry. I have some big boy peas that are blooming.

Yesterday I got all the Burmuda out of the garden and put it under the tree by our swing.

I love living in the Meadow and the house is old and sort of nasty but I don't care....I live for outside not a clean nice house. So I know I did not take this from mother.

Betty said...

The minute I hit the "comment" button, I knew I should have said "stink" instead of "smell". And, I was right.