Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mary Ingalls

I was watching this movie last evening and it had lots of pretty scenery and I was enjoying it when all at once I realized what a farce it was, it was the story of Mary Darper Ingles escaping from her Indian captors . Mary and the old German woman were walking along a river in dresses with ruffles and petticoats when I remember reading that when the woman arrived home they were Naked. I couldn't watch the movie any more after that.

in the year 1755, New River Gorge was the site of one of the great stories of survival and endurance in American history. In that year the New River area was the far western frontier of English colonial settlement, and England and France were at war for control of North America.

Mary Draper, the daughter of Scotch- Irish immigrants, was born in Philadelphia in 1731. Following a common migration route, her family eventually settled on the far western frontier of the colony of Virginia, on the present day site of Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia. Here, Mary’s, family along with several other families, established a small farming settlement called Drapers Meadows. She married her neighbor, William Ingles and together they built a homestead and began raising a family.

The French and Indian War, like all wars, brought its worst horrors to the civilian peoples caught in its path. In July Drapers Meadows was attacked by warriors of the Shawnee nation, who were allied with France. Three men, one woman and an infant child were killed; one man, two women and two young boys were taken captive. Among these captives were Mary Draper Ingles and her two sons, Tommy, 4 and George, 2.

The captives began an intense forced march to the Shawnee’s home villages near present day Chillicothe, Ohio. To slow down or complain would have meant death for Mary and her children. On arrival at the Shawnee towns her two boys were taken from her for adoption into the tribe and Mary was given into servitude to a French trader.

By October, Mary, and another captive, known from history only as the “old Dutch woman” (the term ‘Dutch” at that time referred to German immigrants), had planned an escape.

The two women made their escape into a vast rugged wilderness in the face of an oncoming winter with no supplies, maps or equipment. Their determination to endure and the plan to follow the Ohio, Kanawha, and New rivers eastward to English settlements was their only hope of survival.

There are some who do family research that believe that the old German women was Jacob Goldmans wife if so she is in our Goldman family line. There is a list of captives and it says the wife of old dutch Jacob's wife. now where the man's last name was Goldman I don't know but there was a Jacob Goldman in the area.


Sister--Three said...

The old dutch woman went mad with worry ...sounds like me. the the scotch lady crossed over the river and traveled on the opposite side to save her life. The old woman was probably not our grandmother Goldman, but I would bet our Mary knew her.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I think I remember reading a book about those ladies. What is the movie called? I would like to see it.