Sunday, September 26, 2010

The gift that keeps on giving

We have a duzzie in Christina O'Donnell she can put Sarah Palin in the shade, she admits to having dabbled in witch craft, she thinks sex education should be only telling people to refrain from having sex and believes that people will follow her lead and become chaste. She says man didn't evolve from the monkey and uses as proof that monkeys are not evolve into man at this time and I would say she has proved that evolution is true she seems to have some monkey traits. Even Sarah Palin admits she has sex. She couldn't very will be a denier having born 5 children. Christine O'Donnell, the Delaware candidate for United States Senate, is homophobic, she refuses to give interviews to anyone but Fox News, she recorded an anti-masturbation video that's downright creepy, and she was a media consultant to the sado-masochistic Mel Gibson movie The Passion of the Christ. She's never served as an elected official, and in fact has no relevant political experience .

I hope the tea party will keep bringing us such candidates I think any Democrat with a lick of common sense could defeat them.

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Donna said...

An anti-masturbation video? Get outta here! Really? I've been ignoring this person because she has no relevance for me, but maybe I'd better look into this. You sure do keep up with the politicians.

Sister--Three said...

On top of all this...she does not pay her bills.