Thursday, September 30, 2010

the real McCoy

When McCoy the family pet went to mark his territory on a lamppost - as dogs are prone to do - little did he know it would be the most hair-raising tinkle he had even taken.
After lifting his leg to relieve himself, a split second of relief turned to shock that made his coat stand on end when he was zapped by hundreds of volts.
Little did the crossbreed realise, vandals had removed the protective metal plate from the lamppost leaving exposed live wires.
The current travelled along his stream and left him howling with pain.
When McCoy came in the house howling his hair was standing on end and his owner decided what had happen to him. no more pissing on light pole for this dog.
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Sister--Three said...

That sort of sounds like the shock collar Larry uses. One shock and they learn.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Poor doggy!

Donna said...

Haaaaa! We once had a neighbor's dog who was coming over and helping himself to our dog's food and our chickens. Cliff hot-wired an old aluminum pan and I poured milk in it. We were laying in bed the next morning when we heard that dog yip and yip and yip, getting farther away all the time. He never came in our yard again. Another time, Cliff put a hot wire near his pickup tire because our own dog kept peeing on the tires and Cliff hates that. Next time he peed on that tire was the last time.