Friday, October 01, 2010


The guineas like to fly around in the pen that blurry one is one of the younger guineas trying his wings.

This is the first of October and this has always meant Richard's month to me since he was born on October 10, 1939 but since he has died I just think oh no! every time October rolls around.
I talked to the Arizona kid yesterday and she is doing great. full steam ahead .Clayton dropped in and brought me egg cartons a couple of days ago. He has lost weight on purpose. He said he had lost 25 pounds. His secret was eating less. duh!
Helen says she doesn't post photos because it takes them so long to load on Clayton's computer. Me I have to post photos cause that is the fun of having a blog.
I promised Balisha one of my readers, some touch -me -not seeds and I have picked them and am waiting for them to dry then they will be in the mail.
This growing season is about to wind down here in the Ozarks. We will get a killing frost some time this month.


Donna said...

There's a possibility of a frost here Monday morning. I guess it's time, but I sure hate to lose my ugly tomatoes.

Balisha said...

Oh, thankyou so much. Hopefully I'll have good luck with these. I'll have to post pictures when I plant them. Thankyou again, Balisha

Sister--Three said...

Pictures are what I like...poo on brother.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, you crack me up like when you said, "his secret was eating less, duh". I just fell over laughing. Have a good weekend.