Sunday, September 26, 2010

walnut money

It is 5 in the morning and I have had what you might call a long winter nap except it is fall not winter. Any Way I am having trouble with my computer I suppose Janet has been on a down loading spree while I was asleep.
I went to visit" Just me" up Kansas city way and couldn't get to her comment section. computer kept freezing up. I thought something was wrong with her site but now I think it is my computer.
Her post was about gathering black walnuts and that got me to thinking about me and Richard gathering walnuts when we were young. We gathered them to sell. It was a family operation we got the walnut to the house then mama would hull them then daddy took them to market., In case you think we got to spend the money forget it The money was for what ever we needed at that time which was usually a lot of things like shoes and cloths and maybe a sack of flour.
When my children were young we would take a day off me from work and them from school and we would gather walnut. I usually had a minimum wage job so we really made more money picking up walnuts in one day than I made in a week.
Just to show how my life has changed I was looking at our walnut tree that I share with my neighbor it is on his side of the fence but hangs over my chicken pen, I was looking and the tree is loaded and I was thinking Oh, no not again. I have to keep the walnut knocked off the chicken wire on top of my chicken pen and it is a chore, The walnuts are heavy enough that they will harm the covering on my pen. I guess you could call that an unwanted wind fall.
Talk about a wind fall the drinking neighbor told Sammy yesterday he had got a 3000 dollar check in the mail from a gas company in Texas. He said he had never heard of this company. I wonder if it could have been BP?
He said he was going to cash the check of course it could all be a big lie. maybe he will come back wanting SAM to cash the check. lots of luck with that.
Sister in Arizona called and she was doing good and the Arkansas sister who has the 2nd storey man for a husband called and they are still working on her windows
I told her when she called George the window man made me think of a 2nd. storey man or a cat burglar.

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Donna said...

I really wonder at times why I am worried about harvesting black walnuts for candy and cookies, when Cliff and I neither one should be eating that stuff. It'll just be another temptation, having them around. It's always been hard for me not to eat them as fast as I pick the nutmeats out anyhow. I'm a glutton.