Thursday, October 14, 2010

flour sacks and iron tired wagons.

I found this photo on the net and I liked it because it is like the one we had on the farm for years. If you never rode in an iron tired wagon you have missed some very jarring times. daddy converted our wagon to rubber tires in the 50's and boy this was a great ride we thought we were up town then .

He took the iron tires off and what happen to them you might ask, well aunt Winnie was visiting and she expressed a desire for them for yard decorations so daddy gave the 4 to her. They went to Saint Louis and perhaps Winnie Jo could tell us if she remembers seeing them?

There was a time that if our family went some where we had to travel in the wagon . most of the time if a trip was made to the store daddy would ride horse back and he tied the groceries on behind him in a flour sack.

Speaking of flour sacks in the 50's they started putting 50's pounds of flour in print bags. My grandma Powell would take our flower sacks and make me dresses. My under pants were made from flour sacks for years. For a time feed was in the print bags and we could get material to make clothing for larger folk.

I went on a google search and actually found photos and a blog about printed feed sacks. If you want to take a look at the blog just click on the title in the mean time I have commandeered one of her photos for you to enjoy, for those of you not in the know the label was paper and you peeled it off so that you had the cloth to make your garments.


Donna said...

All my dresses were made of flour sacks when I was small.

Margie's Musings said...

Mine too. We fed chickens and the feed came in printed bags. That would have been in 1940 and after.

Anonymous said...

I like Toby Keith and my girls love Ron White! My mom made clothes from flour sacks as well. I remember them. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I can't remember this but I think I would have liked the flour sack clothes. Sis 3