Friday, October 15, 2010

a man and his word

Benjamin Arthur Ratzlaff (10/08/10)Benjamin Arthur Ratzlaff, a resident of Green Forest, AR, was born November 28, 1941 in Emporia, KS, a son of Arthur Everett and Velma Doris (Carter) Ratzlaff. He departed this life Monday, October 4, 2010 in Springfield, MO, at the age of 68. Ben served his country in the United States Army during the Vietnam War. He was a member of the Yell Masonic Lodge #64 and VFW. Ben worked as a cattle and poultry farmer...
A man is only as good as his word and Benny was as good as his word everyone say amen.
My 49 year old son has worked for Benny for 25 years raising turkeys and Benny had told my son that when he died Tony would get the house he lives in and 5 acres of land. Tony had never doubted the fact but I am a very pessimist and I think talk is cheap.
Benny's wife told Tony that the house and 5 acres was his. I had worried more afraid that Tony would have to hunt a job which would never be as good a job as he had.
Today Nancy told Tony if he would raise turkeys for her until she died she would give him 13 and 1/2 acres that lay right below the house now the good news for me is Tony wont have to go to work at somewhere like Tyson foods and I hope Nancy lives for ever.
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Anonymous said...

God Bless them one and all!

Balisha said...

What a heart warming story. Balisha

Anonymous said...

Made me cry! A few good men are born and die. Guess he was one! I am so glad for Ton! Sister 3

Donna said...

Oh my, there is still some good in the human race. Patsy, I've heard plenty about how hard it is to work at Tyson. One of my co-workers at Kohl's worked there when she lived in Arkansas. She was not lazy, so I know if she said it was bad, it was. Years ago when I worked at the local orchard, the boss's wife told me about her sister who worked at some chicken processing plant in Missouri. She said her sister's hand was all deformed from doing the same move, over and over. My husband worked for a pork processing plant for a year, and it's the only job he ever had that he hated.
Jobs should not be that hard in America. This entry gives me hope that at least there is still some good in this country.