Wednesday, October 27, 2010

freedom and death drug

The guineas are dreaming of freedom.

Would you believe that if you live in Arizona and you are sentenced to die by the state the junk they shoot into your veins to kill you is bought over seas. That's right Arizona is going to put someone to death and they had to buy the drug to do the job from across the waters in England because we don't manufacture it here in this country.

Seems like we could start making the stuff here that would create a few job for the unemployed. can't you see some one running for president with the promise " send me to the white house I will make the death drug plentiful or perhaps the governor calls to the prison granting a stay of execution when ask why she did so stated the shipment of the death drug was delayed.

My sister live in the sunshine state and she is currently under going kemo treatment for cancer perhaps she could suggest one of her kemo drugs that would work.

Son has a police scanner in his room, I just heard a call saying "Just drove by Bob Txxxxx's house and a trailer is setting in the street in such a manner to suggest maybe a robbery in progress or a failed attempt". I went to school with Bob and I thought No he was probably drunk.

I heard that Bob went to the Philippines a few years back because he heard that he might get a Philippine bride but the deal fell thought when Bob learned she wanted him to pay her air fare to the states.

He did find a bride across the waters finally and brought her home, the shy maiden was driving his new Cadillac when she ran a red light and was rammed in the side by a old chevy. Bob ask her why she ran the red light she said I thought that was my color. That's all folks.


The 4th Sister said...

The bigger guineas are much prettier....these are kind of ugly with those naked necks!

Sister--Three said...

i AM not sure who this Bob is...
T....? I am thinking of a name that rhymes with wig?

Your namesake is pretty--sort of short and fat like you!