Tuesday, October 26, 2010


the youngest keets have found a way to hide from the bigger guineas and so I put a feed pan in there for them to eat their fill.
The blue/green eggs arriving regularly in the nest and this morning I found one on the ground I guess it took her by surprise. I am going to send this carton to a lady in evis, Janet is working there this week. This woman was there when I worked in evis. Her name is Maria something Clayton knows her last name but I can never remember the name. Maria is Hispanic and speaks very little English. She has a large no. of children and I would give her eggs when I worked at Tyson, when she sees my daughter she says tell Pepsi I love her we know that means Maria wants eggs.
The Hispanic people can't pronounce my name and they call me Pepsi many of them any way I have always thought it was people from the same area in Mexico who pronounced my name that way because some of the Hispanic pronounce it with out a problem and other could never get it right no mater how many times I tried to tell them my name so I am Pepsi to many at work better than being called coke or kook.

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