Wednesday, October 06, 2010

lawn mower gas to travel the back roads

The air is still cool but the report is for warmer days soon at 7:05 this morning the temperature was 44 degrees according to the national weather service. It would not be so bad except we are having heavy dews every morning.
Janet bought a box of chicken yesterday and a friend of hers brought it by on her way home, I gave her a dozen eggs and she was pleased. The last time I checked eggs were 2 dollars a dozen.
The day brother was robed Fleta said 3 other families were robed also they apparently took the back road out of our area and hit every home that was unoccupied. The report was they took computers, cloths and anything they could grab. I guess brother got off light because they didn't take any large items from him. I guess they were on a learning curve. The message is even if you live on a back road you may get robed if they can steal the gas to travel. They got lawn mower gas at brother's house. The thing that scares me is what if brother had come home while they were in the house. There is only one way out of our place and brother would have been in their way of escape.

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