Monday, October 25, 2010

timothy, tim , timmy

Helen had me change me blog so she could comment as anonymous , now I knew better. I had a comment today from someone as anonymous who signed TIM , He objected to my post about Hannity but since if he has a blog I can't go over and visit with him on his blog if he has one.
so no more anonymous comments. I like a good scrap but not if you wont come out where I can see you Timmy.
further more why would you think I would promote anyone, I don't put up anyone . If you have the same views as Hannity fine, I suppose you like O'Reilly also and don't forget that loud mouth on the radio, what his name? oh, yeah Rush Limbaugh the druggy.

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Sister--Three said...

Those folks are like window peekers. Want to look but don't want you to see them.

Sometimes I did sign A but just because I was too lazy to sign in.