Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Dear President Obama

President Obama you gave a little speech about why the Democrats lost and you said it was your fault and then laid it on the economy which you can turn around and blame George Bush...

Not so fast President Obama the democrats lost because the wars rage on In Iraq, we were not fooled about that little parade you put on TV for us the brave soldiers marching out of Iraq, we realize there are still 50 thousand men and women still there and Afghanistan is your big war.

no end to the wars and some of your people want to declare war on Pakistan.

We know you have been sending unmanned flights in to that country for a year now. Can blame everything on George.

We didn't much like you threaten Arizona with law suits if they passed their immigration law, which they did by the way and you have not come up with a way to stop the flood of drugs and aliens coming out of Mexico, so you threaten American citizens?

Then California had the nerve to try passing a weed law and your drug enforcement people go into the state to raid the medical weed places, so the sick and dying could not get comfort from smoking marijuana while you and your Democrat passed a law making tobacco cigarettes so expensive we poor can not buy them while you puff away on your cigarettes after all you can afford the 6 dollars a pack can't you?
We are suppose to fall down and say hale Mary because you got a health bill but failed to get a public option and NOW the insurance companies are raising their rate to a price that can only be described as highway robbery .
The media has said you will have to move to the center and to my way of thinking that will be a change from your far right from which you have been governing. Why don't you try being a liberal for a change? You have tried everything else and you are in the soup pot about to be cooked in 2012.
You made all the social security people mad because they didn't get a raise the last two years. Even George had enough smarts to send us 300 dollars a couple of years to keep us happy.
yes, the Democrats lost and it's your fault but not for the reason you think.

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Margie's Musings said...

I agree with most of your reasoning. Plus we will not get a social security raise next year either. After all, according to the government there has been no raise in the cost of living.

I wonder where they go to the market to buy their groceries and where they buy their gasoline. And if they have to pay utility bills.