Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Democrates

I have to say I have been out seeking others views on the election and our gal in Harrison made me laugh as usual course Boone county is wet now so perhaps she was in her cups.
I went to visit the field negro whose blog I read often and he was talking about the "tan guy" and for a moment I thought he was talking about his "O" which is how he refers to our president but no he was talking about John Boehner the congress man from Ohio who has been crying all over my TV. I hadn't thought much about it but the negro is right the tan guy is just about the same color as our president.
When I flicked on fletasonly the only true blue Democrat in our family she was down so low she could just peep over the top of my computer screen. I may have made her mad cause I told her politics was a game to me. She is her mothers daughter and it ain't funny Meghe.
I went by Donna's "Just me" and found that she had voted poor Ike Skeleton down just because he had been in office too long. I had wondered why he lost.
I have a blog I read I call the thinking fellow.. He is a liberal who calls himself a lefty go by and read his post I had been going by ever hour or so waiting for him cause I knew it would be a dozy and it was, Lefty started his life as a republican! so see anything is possible.
Start your day right go by and see the thinking fellow.... just click my title to this post Winnie Jo this fellow will warm your heart.


Donna said...

I'm too tired to think, but this entry made me laugh out loud. I'll bet it would have been fun to work alongside you, with that sense of humor.

The 4th Sister said...

Billy is coming too see will all have a good laugh

Winnie said...

you never make me angry and I have thought your blogs have been a hoot. I was just really glad I had not spent one minute campaigning this time....I'm just made at the stupid people in MO and I would not have voted for Ike Skelton. He totally pulled away from Obama and Pelossi...he went into panick mode. But most of all, he was endorsed by NRA, Right to Life and Vets all over the place...his point was to distance himself from Obama and he came off as a snake in the grass. I really enjoy your blogs....I hated Tues with the flow of red....but they got what they you!