Wednesday, November 03, 2010

food for thought

The Democrats got kicked in the teeth just as predicted by the news media. The only light in the tunnel as far as I can see is Christiane O'Donnell lost and the old warrior Jerry brown won. They have yet to call Alaska's senate race and knowing that state it maybe days before the winner is known. I still hold out hope handcuff Joe miller will lose.

They media reported that it was an older crowd that pulled of the republican coupe if so perhaps in 2 years they will be dead and the Democrats can win again. This is when the term OVER MY DEAD BODY might be possible.

Blanche Lincoln went down in Arkansas to a John Boozman a Republican will go to the senate
in her place. We still have Beebe as Governor a Democrat Roy Blunt won over Robin Carahan in Mo. I see this is the year for ugly old white men.

Speaking of ugly old white men I see that Barney Frank survived and is going back to congress for his 16 term and Jerry Brown is governor of California for a 3rd. term even when the law says only 2 terms are permitted perhaps there is hope yet flickering just over the horizon for liberal Democrats like my self with Jerry and Barney still around. I almost forgot Harry Reid survived.

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