Tuesday, November 02, 2010

all dogs

This dog does not want to leave the house most times so I drag her coop out in the morning with her in it. to get her back in the house just open the door and don't get ran over.

It is damp this morning as I went out to feed I felt a few drops of rain on my head.

My red hens are not laying much one egg yesterday and I got 6 the day before but 4 were blue. so I think I only have 3 red hens that are laying. They surely are getting ready to molt but I have not seen any feathers in the pen to speak of yet.

Here are some of the people running for office I hope go down in defeat, Christian O'Donnel, Rand Paul , Roy Blunt who is running for the senate in south west Mo. I know it isn't my district but I wish him failure. I also would like to see Joe Miller go down to defeat because of his handcuffs. You might notice they are all republicans.


Winnie said...

Blunt is a Skunk and I hope he doesn't win...small hope that he will not win...do you have any idea how much Karl Rove spent in MO to get Blunt elected?

Sister--Three said...

Bozeman will probably be our new senator here. I don't like him.

billsee1982 said...

I should be down there this weekend. I am FINLEY done with this job. I shoulb be in friday or saturday. I have called my mom to let everyone know but she won't return my calls. Bill