Sunday, November 07, 2010

Guinea talk

I thought the birds would roost in the tree but most went on the chicken pen to roost and the rest went on top of my feed container which is about 4 foot tall. They stayed in the front yard all day yesterday screeching every time some one came in the yard or a dog went by. They ran the neighbors cats out of the yard several times .

Once I heard them scream and they were saying " there is Billy See and Kell over by the porch." and another yelled" don't worry they are to plump to run fast enough to catch me!" The first bird screams " stop your laughing you will fall!"

I may wish these birds would leave home before they do. I wonder if they might get to where they would run people from the yard? It is 5 am here and that is the new time. The temperature is 41 degrees.

Bill said he was heading home today or tomorrow. Kell got stopped for not having a seat belt buckled coming up to see See and Bill told Kell "I get tickets all the time for that, I just throw them away, there isn't anything they can do to me." I ask do you know that old country singer Webb Pierce?" "Who is that?" he ask with a shrug of his shoulder. I said "He sang that song, I am in the jail house now."

That is all the guinea and Turkey talk I know for now so long it's been good to know you Billy boy!


Sister--Three said...

I got the same ticket Friday. Kelly and I are kinfolk.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I have a recipe for Guinea hen if you are interested.. :)