Sunday, November 07, 2010

Arkansas tooth pick

This post is for Billy. The Arizona kid went hunting with Tony and Tony tried to give him an Arkansas tooth pick from a male raccoon they treed but Billy would have nothing to do with the tooth pick well Billy this should show you that you can buy one if you don't want to take one from the woods.

The Cowboy Toothpick comes from my cowboy days, I was working for Ranch at Loma Alta, Texas north of Del Rio.
Everybody had their own toothpick hanging on the wall. You were supposed to harvest and carve your own.
These small items have become a source of fun and controversy.
As I drive my 18 wheeler down the road I sometimes become bored and will attempt to sell My authentic,bonifide,certified,orginal Cowboy Toothpicks. Some places they are called Hillbilly Toothpicks,Poorboy Toothpicks,Red Neck Toothpicks,Coon ass toothpicks. They are actually coon-dick toothpicks. You see a Raccoon, a boar raccoon, he got a bone where no other male critter got a bone. We yank em out and whittle em down to make toothpicks. And no they are not vile, that was throwed at me the other day by one of our borned again guys. The part you are thinking of has been cooked off and throwed to the dogs (maybe,cause thats another story now). I harvest them and carve them so I can certify they are the authentic.They are not cheap plastic imitations. If I use road kill you can be assured it is the freshest possible,no stinkers.Now you would expect to pay 40 or 50 bucks or more, but no, I let them go for the ridiculous low price of only 39.99 tax included. shipping and handling that is a little extra. Now then if you want them gold plated that costs a little more. But please rest assured I use the finest 24k imitaion gold plating you ever seen .
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Donna said...

Cliff told me that he used to have one hanging from his rear-view mirror, back in his single days. He loaned his car to his younger brother, Don, so he could take a girl out. The "toothpick" disappeared. Knowing Don, he got to bragging about how he single-handedly killed the coon while telling the girl that the car they were using was his.
Don's coming up next weekend. Maybe I'll ask him if he remembers what happened to that thing. Oh, never mind. His straight-laced wife will be here too.

Sister--Three said...

I am glad that Bill had an adventure--hillbilly style. He should have gotten two of them and he could have made his own earrings.

Clintm fann said...
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