Sunday, November 28, 2010

guinaes and chickens

The older guineas are enjoying the out side and the younger guineas want out with them but I am afraid they will fight and I will have a time getting the younger guineas back into the hen pen.
My red hens are in molt so they don't lay many eggs and the blue eggers were just started to lay again then we had the cold snap and they are in revolt again. I think I will cull the blue eggers chickens if they don't do a remarkable turn around in the spring with their egg laying. I can't see the sense in feeding a bunch of chickens that don't lay on a regular basis.
I am feeding the guineas and they don't lay at all but I do enjoy hearing them yell.

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Sister--Three said...

I will buy the blue eggers...if you decide to cull them, but you will have to give me time to come and get them. Sis 3