Monday, November 29, 2010

Julian Assange

This just blows my mind that this man publishing all these documents and it seems to me that most of the damaging information is about the United States I wonder what will hapen next?.
The man behind WikiLeaks, the website that published more than 91,000 secret U.S. military documents on the Afghanistan war as well as previously secret video of a deadly American helicopter attack in Baghdad in 2007, doesn't much care whether government agencies are enraged by his actions.
Julian Assange has described himself as an "information activist" — get the information out there and let what happens happen, the Australian-born founder of WikiLeaks has said publicly. But it's also been said that Assange rarely sleeps in the same place two nights in a row because of concerns about his own safety.
Yesterday I saw a report on my computer that hackers had literal shut down WiKiLeaks but that certain newspapers had the information and would start to publish the Leaks, It is not unbelievable to me to think that the governments around the world were trying to stop the Leaks.
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