Monday, November 01, 2010

I found this on DUI and liked it

I watched Freedom Riders at the Heartland Film Festival a couple of weeks ago. I can't remember the last time I cried with so much cause - so much anger at the injustice, and so much pride in all those of every race, who were so ready to stand up for what was right. A few days ago, I got out of bed, thinking about the ride and its collective strength -- the hundreds, thousands of fingers curled into one righteous fist -- and I wrote down everything I felt about where our country is this week and where it might be next week.Here it is. Please, if it is anywhere near the piece I wanted to write, feel free to pass it on to anyone with a heart and a voice and a belief that this is not over yet.Thanks for your time and, more importantly for your courage,A Democrat in Indiana.-----------They have lied about him. Lied about our President. Tried to paint him as an outsider. Said he wasn't born here, didn't belong here, not in this system, not in this White House. They have called him a racist, called him a liar, called him a socialist, a Nazi, a terrorist. They have called him everything but Mr. President, our President, our greatest hope for change. They have beaten him with words, with millions of dollars in foreign money, shipped over here by foreign interests with no name, no face, no P.O. business telling us how to run this nation.What we have seen over the last two years is an unprecedented attempt to assassinate, not a President, but a Presidency; to take a good man down with lies about who he is and what he's trying to do to fix the things they broke.There are no guns this time, but this is Birmingham, and Bull Connor doesn't run the police, he runs a news network that says that it's fair, that it's balanced. Our economic future is a lunch counter for the un-Godly rich, for the polluters, for those who do not know the Golden Rule or do not believe it applies to them. And they don't want any of us...not the middle class, not the Just, not the ones who believe that this is still a nation of opportunity, to sit down beside them,to have a slice of the American pie.We need to let our President know that the buses are coming. And the minivans, the motorcycles, the family sedans and those who can only afford to be on foot. That just like our mothers and fathers who united to change this nation, we are all coming - the black, the white, the latino, the Jewish, the Protestant, the Catholic, the young, the old, the middle class, the poor, the workers, the innovators, the small business owners. All of us. The ones who believe that all Americans should be able to work hard and earn not just a living, but earn a life; who believe that laws should put people before profit; who know that the political Right is political Wrong.It's time to get up. Every one of us. To stand with our President.Mr. President, we are coming. We believed in you when we chose you for the most powerful office in the free world, and we believe in you now. Mr. President, the buses are coming, and if they try to stop one there are two more right behind it. And if they try to stop those, there are thousands. Mr. President, you just keep trying to pull the country out of this mess that greed got us in. We've all got your back.In the next few days, until November 2nd, we will all ring one, bring one. We need to all call one person - a grandmother, a grandfather, a younger brother or sister, somebody down the street and down on their luck who can't afford to buy a new coat, let alone an election - and make sure they have a ride. A vote. And a voice.Mr. President, we're tired of seeing your best efforts blocked in public by the same set of shifty-eyed schemers who turn around ask for your help and our money when the cameras are off. We're tired of being called un-American by those who do not understand or who do not care to understand, our Bill of Rights.We're tired of politicians looking into their wallets instead of their hearts. We're tired of the lies and the liars; tired of those who believe that a football game needs 7 officials to keep things honest, but that a multi-trillion dollar banking system needs none. We are tired of hearing that those in need should pull themselves up by their bootstraps, when somebody else's boots stomped them down in the first place. We are tired of a lot of things, but we are not too tired to stand up.We are coming, Mr. President. And we've got your back.


Velvet Sacks said...

Amen to all of that!

Winnie said...

Thank you, thank you for putting into words what so many of us feel.
Did you like the Bush email I sent you....I absolutely loved it and sent it to many, many