Monday, November 01, 2010

Tomorrow it's over, thank you Lord

The political campaigning will be over tomorrow. I have never witnessed so much evil, dirt and manure in the campaign spots on the TV.

The political pundits are jumping for joy and are absolutely sure the Democrats are going to get their teeth kicked in. I am hoping it will be a Harry Truman year.

It doesn't make much difference in my life. I am dead with old age and nothing any of the fools do pleased me anyway.

It might be noted that in a country with HUGH debts and a large number of poor people, unemployment the highest in years this campaign season more money was spent than ever before , even more than in 2008 and that was more money than a person could imagine. It seems to me there is a lot of money in this country controlled by a few evil men.

Who would have believed that a woman would be knocked down by old men and stomped, also reporters handcuffed by security guard of a man running for Governor? Oh, well this is your eclectic in action just wait until they get into office.

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Velvet Sacks said...

Great post, Patsy, and I'm right there with you! I can't even count the number of phone calls I've received on behalf of Sen. David Vitter, who, as far as I can see, has accomplished nothing while in office except consistently gumming up the works and stopping progress, but there have been enough phone calls that I cringe now when the phone rings. Whose money is paying for all of that? One way or another, it's yours and mine.

And I will go to the polls tomorrow, rain or shine, not to vote FOR the other candidate, but to vote AGAINST David Vitter.