Monday, November 01, 2010

It is all in your point of view.

I was talking to my brother today about this campaign season and how I was sick of the political messages on our local ky3 tv station coming to us from southwest Mo. when he told me a story.
he said he was down in southern Arkansas at a family gathering where one member was running for a county office. My brother ask this lady who said he thought was reasonable intelligent had she seen such dirty political campaigns in her life?
She told my brother no she had not but she went further and stated that you have to consider who is in power at this time, a man who was not born in this country, one who doesn't believe in our christian values. A man who has cheated the voting public in short a black man trying to act like he was as good as the white people.
now we know don't we?
On a lighter note today the phone rang and this young girl sounding person ask to speak to my daughter. I call daughter and told her she had a phone call believing some friend was calling her.
Daughter said who is it and I said to the sweet Little girl she wants to know who you are?
The sweet voice said my name is Jean and I am calling from the University of Arkansas for the Democrat party. I said oh, you need not talk to her cause we are republicans and hung up!

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